Friday, July 6, 2012

Displaying Local Image in a JTextPane with HTML


This is a question from a member in I have posted a quick reply there. I am going to write a step by step guide here.

Preparing a image

To display a image stored in local drive, you should first prepare a image file. We would expect "a.png" to be stored in the same folder as the demonstration program. It is easy to download or create a PNG image. For your convenience, I have prepared one here. Right click the image below and save it as "a.png"

Adding HTML in JTextPane

The following code would display a remote image in a JTextPane

Obtaining a local URL

Displaying remote image is not always desirable. To display a local image, we need a URL pointing to the local hard disk. If you place "a.png" at the same folder as the main program, you would obtain the image URL with the following portable way.

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